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One tube GE "Compactron" superheterodyne receiver: - N3IBX - 02-07-2011 8:30

Hello Everyone,
I am new to this group, and this is my first post. I appreciate the opportunity to join this group and learn from some of the wonderful designs of receivers and transmitters sofar.
My main interest is regenerative receivers, but occasionally I like to build a superheterodyne - hi!

I've always had a idea for a one tube superheterodyne, using a 3 or 4 section GE Compactron tube, and for simplicity a IN34A diode detector. That's it, a functional one tube superhet that would cover 160M and possibly 80/75Mand 40M if the sensitivity could be had at that frequency and higher.

Has anyone ever devised a plan for such a receiver? Any ideas on how I'd go about it? Any information from your group will be greatfully appreciated.

I most likely have all of the parts and material inmy "stash" to do it,all I need is the "know how" to put such a design to fruition.

Joe Cro N3IBX

RE: One tube GE "Compactron" superheterodyne receiver: - 3Z6AEF - 07-07-2011 13:58

(02-07-2011 8:30)N3IBX napisał(a):  [...]Has anyone ever devised a plan for such a receiver? [...]

I'm affraid, you have no answer in that matters, here...
Simply because the compactrons was not as popular in Poland as in USA those days.
In fact, as I remember, I never saw any article on that theme in (old) polish radioamateur's magazines
(I have all year's issues of polish 'Radio' and 'Radioamateur' from 1946 to early 90s).
Of course, we talk about real compactrons - i.e. with 12-pin socket...
Recently, I saw on ebay, that some people called 'compactrons' such a devices like ECC83 or ECH81 Wink
In my opinion, even EABC80 is not real compactron, but only 'multisystem tube'... Cool

And please look at that thread: Urządzenia nadawczo-odbiorcze KF ('HF Tube TRX devices') -
maybe you find some interesting - besides compactrons... Rolleyes

Wald, 3Z6AEF

PS. I saw somewhere in net yours collection of boatanchors - really impressive! Exclamation